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  Professional Our values and professionalism define who we are and what we do. It enables us to establish meaningful relationships with clients in the marketplace while allowing us to protect and enhance our own reputation. We are confident that our staff and our work will always reflect our firm's values. Request Quote
  Experience Your accounting needs revolve around complex laws and legal requirements. As qualified experts, we recognize the importance of staying informed and up-to-date with new legislations so that you don’t have to. Take advantage of our expert knowledge to help put your mind at ease. Request Quote
  Trust Our integrity and reliability make our Accounting services trustworthy. You can be assured that your records will always remain confidential and secure with us. We take seriously the protection of your interests by safeguarding your personal data, giving you the freedom to do businesses with us comfortably. Request Quote
Tax Clinic AND MUCH MORE... V-Tac employees take pride in the way they deliver personal attention and accommodate customer’s needs through the best practical solutions our company has to offer. Request Quote

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    V-Tac is built upon helping businesses grasp opportunities and solve problems through an array of financial services. Whatever a clients’ financial obligations may be, V-Tac focuses on their specific needs so they can play a better role in the economy. Our professionals provide detailed attention, with proven results.




    At V-Tac Accounting, we provide solutions to these bookkeeping dilemmas. Our dependable services eliminate the problems of employee retention. You have the ability to control your costs to stay within your budget. Our skilled bookkeepers will personally assist at whatever time is most convenient for you.




    To excel in today’s murky economy, V-Tac maintains a competitive advantage by offering reputable knowledge and staying up to date with new tax laws. Our tax professionals are trained to properly assess and file your income tax returns so that you receive the most beneficial deductions and credits.


    Payroll Processing


    Rather than waste valuable time and resources in organizing your own payroll, why not let us handle it. In doing so, you can devote more time to creative financial pursuits to strengthen productivity and maximize profit. We aim to satisfy your demands with a dependable payroll service that is accurate and convenient.


    Tax Clinic


    At V-Tac we value our customers and because we do, we take their needs into consideration. Our firm is cognizant of some of the health risks and medical implications that may prevent a customer from dropping by to use our services. We are here to make your taxes and accounting easier for you and your loved ones.


    Business Incorporation


    We do both Federal and Provincial Incorporation. We provide official searches for full Ontario incorporation, Canada trademark registration and other related corporate services with minimum cost. We respond to your need quicker, faster, so you can save more. Please contact us for your company incorporation.

Our Testimonials (View All)

  • "We have used V-Tac Accounting Services for the past couple of years and have found their staff to be patient and trustworthy. They always answer all of my questions and keep me organized."

    Josef Karol, Dairy Dell Bar & Grill Inc

  • "One of the main issues I had with previous firms was time constraint. With V-Tac, however, I developed an immense amount of trust in their services because they’re always dependable. I would definitely recommend their services to anyone."

    Israel Weinstock, Doar Mailing Services Inc

  • "The services rendered by V-Tac are consistently efficient. They give me the freedom to focus on the needs of my company and my clientele. I look forward to continuing my professional relationship with them in the years to come."

    Richard Holyoke, Holyoke Stone Works Inc

  • "V-Tac’s strong technical knowledge, expertise, and integrity are incomparable. My family and I trust their professional staff with both our business and personal finance issues. We intend to continue being their faithful customers."

    Gustavo Cruz, Surnet Communications Inc

  • "For once, I am happy that my personal taxes were filed correctly and did not result in me being audited. V-Tac’s services are fast, reliable, and most of all professional."

    Danniel Lewis, Dann Service Corporation

  • "The staff at V-Tac have always been courteous and competent in delivering all the necessary work in a timely manner. I have come to rely heavily on their business solutions and knowledge while taking advantage of their tax/ accounting advice to further my financial goals."

    Enver Coovadia, J W Car Care

  • "I have many friends always complaining about how dissatisfied they are with their accounting services. Luckily, this has never been the case for me. I am always happy with V-Tac’s services because they are honest and take proper care of my taxes."

    Greg Dengis, Dengis Construction Ltd

  • "Affordable, quick, and accurate. I couldn’t be happier with my tax returns."

    Adnan, 2013626 Ontario Inc - Coffee Time

  • "The exceptional staff at V-Tac work hard to prepare and review our complete bookkeeping records. They are competent, reliable, adaptive, and professional. They give us peace of mind."

    Darko Trifunovic, Neighbourhood Landscaping Inc

  • "We have been working with V-Tac Accounting and Services for many years. They have saved us money in taxes by carefully analyzing our files and delivering the highest standard of service quality. We are always impressed."

    Fesih Z Mert, Maple Stucco & Wall System

  • "V-Tac has consistently advised with us creative business solutions and effective tax strategies to boost our profit and growth. They are resourceful and always willing to provide well-researched solutions."

    Aref Zahed, Zayn Media Inc

  • "I have been a long time customer of V-Tac Accounting and Professional Services. During this time, I have experienced useful tax advice that I trust and benefit from."

    Aijaz Muhammad, NCSC Inc

  • "I like using V-Tac’s services because they always deliver practical solutions to complex financial issues. They prioritize my business interests, which assures me that my finances are in good hands."

    Reid, Full Truth Church of God Deliverance

Additional Services


    Business Plan


    Do you have a business idea for starting up a business? Is your business in need of financing?


    Accouting Software


    Do you need accounting software for your business? Are you planning to buy a new accounting software?


    Case Study


    Check out few of our case studies. You will get an idea about the services we provide.


    Other Services


    We provide technical support in preparing Cash Flow Statements, Financial Statements, HST, etc.

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