Accountant CPA,CGA,tax advisor,Toronto provide accounting and tax services including Financial statements compilation,bookkeeping and payroll services,financial statements review and audit,compliance audit,tax planning,tax filing


Welcome to V-Tac Accounting & Tax! The Professionals' Professional.


V-Tac is built upon helping businesses grasp opportunities and solve problems through an array of financial services. Our services are categorized into the following seven areas:

  • Bookkeeping
  • Taxation
  • Personal Tax
  • Self-Employed Tax
  • Corporate Tax
  • Business Planning
  • Payroll Processing

Whatever a clients’ financial obligations may be, V-Tac focuses on their specific needs so they can play a better role in the economy. Our professionals provide detailed attention, with proven results, for:


File Preparation: documentation of adequate and suitable procedures of financial operations.


Financial Statement Preparation: ample disclosure notes and compliance with meeting legislative acts.


Efficacious auditing and timely preparation of financial files demonstrates our firms’ knowledge, integrity and sensible practices.  We provide informative services to our clients to help them maintain their transparency and accountability within the capital market.

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