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Other Services

We provide technical support in preparing Cash Flow Statements, Financial Statements, Tax Planning, Bank Reconciliation, HST and maintain a assortment of accounting data for clients in our digital system.

  • Complete and reconcile cash books and/or general ledger accounts
  • Prepare bank reconciliation statements monthly, quarterly or annually as required
  • Reconcile all balance sheet items for the fiscal year
  • Process year-end adjusting entries
  • Extract trial balance
  • Prepare and review complete accounting file
  • Carry out internal audits as required from time to time
  • Perform analytical review of financial statements
  • Prepare effective business plan and proposals
  • Prepare HST, reports monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually, as required
  • Liaise with respective tax authorities on behalf of clients, as required
  • Provide training and assistance on bookkeeping to company personnel
  • Prepare management reports for company executives
  • Compile financial statements

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