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Welcome to V-Tac Accounting & Tax! The Professionals' Professional.


At V-Tac we value our customers and because we do, we take their needs into consideration. Our firm is cognizant of some of the health risks and medical implications that may prevent a customer from dropping by to use our services. For this reason, we like to customize all our accounting features so that every client can enjoy flexible, affordable, and accurate tax filing services whenever and wherever they need them.


Our Tax Clinic provides at-home income tax services for seniors who lack mobility or the capacity to drop by our offices unassisted because of medical reasons. Our tax consultants will deliver the same standard of service, reliability, and attentiveness you would receive if at our offices. We are here to make your taxes and accounting easier for you and your loved ones.


Managing Your Income Tax


We believe that our clients deserve tax services that are trustworthy, competent, and accurate. Thus, we know how important it is for you to discover an accounting firm that can properly handles your tax needs. V-Tac provides personalized services and advice on a complete spectrum of tax services. By working with us, you will enjoy added benefits and services you can take advantage of, such as



  • • Canada’s Retirement Income Tax Preparation Service
  • • At-home tax services
  • • Sensible, high-quality, and rapid services that are guaranteed

  • To find out more about what V-Tac can do for you, contact us at “telephone number 1-866-882-2829

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